Meet Julie

Julie Roberts-Phung is a longtime community organizer turned consultant and coach. I coach change-makers on a variety of topics, including leadership, career changes, negotiating and parenting.

My current missions are:

  • I will help interesting people take charge and design unexpected paths for their lives.
  • I will support my clients to do big shit in this world.
  • I will make our world more fair, less racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic and ableist.
  • I will help people who are beyond ‘the choir’ to see race and other power dynamics and change their (and others) behavior. This includes helping my clients negotiate for raises that close the pay gap – fun!
  • I will help untangle the systems that segregate our kids and our children will learn and play together.
  • I will be vocal on these issues and be invited to comment on them publicly.

When I’m not running my own business, I’m singing in a sassy barbershop choir and quartet, and enjoying my children, friends and family.

What is coaching with Julie like?

Coaching with me is a process of exploration and accountability between equals. It’s usually over the phone, and involves a lot of talking, reflecting, noticing, choosing, experimenting, learning and growing. It gives you a safe and accountable space to explore possibilities you may have never considered. It helps you reflect, experiment, take charge and shift what you feel is possible and what you actually do in the world. Coaching can give you freedom to try out new ways of being and accountability in realizing your plans.

It’s really easy to try out coaching together; you can book a free strategy session to check it out. We’ll talk for an hour and if you enjoy it, we’ll discuss what it would look like to work together. If it doesn’t make sense for us to work together for whatever reason, I’m always happy to make suggestions about what or who might be a better fit for you.

For more information about my professional experience, check out my LinkedIn page.

Want to know more about coaching and the benefits? Check out the International Coaching Federation website.

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I treat all contact information and the content of any coaching conversations as confidential and won’t share or sell any of your contact information. *Note – there is no legal protection for client-coach confidentiality, so there are some legal limits. If we work together, I’ll explain the boundaries in more detail.