Help For High-Performing, Passionate Professionals

CPCC_FINALI work with change makers —  high-performing professionals who tend to have taken non-traditional career paths and started their careers in work they were wildly passionate about. As they’ve advanced in their careers, they often find their enthusiasm has waned, and they wonder what needs to change.ACC_WEB As a coach, I help clients make meaningful career transitions. That might mean a complete career change or finding a new job, but sometimes it means changing your focus at your current job, stepping up into a leadership role, or negotiating for improved conditions or pay. It always means taking back your sense of agency in your career.

Coaching as a Calling

My clients inspire me with their courage, vision, and creativity. Whether we are exploring career possibilities, taming the anxiety that comes along with a new leadership role, helping a confident leader be just as confident as a parent, or negotiating a raise, I leave coaching sessions inspired, invigorated, and recommitted to my work.

Empowerment In Your Career

I often support my clients in negotiating for raises and ensuring parity with male and/or white co-workers. It’s amazing to see the impact that negotiating a raise has. Practically speaking, it’s satisfying to see a client get paid more — the record increase to date is 35%! It’s also interesting to see how this process invigorates people and makes them more personally invested in their jobs and their organizations. I believe that every negotiation is a chance to learn how to raise expectations and advocate for yourself. It creates a ripple effect for others who will learn from your example.

A note to employers and managers: You get so much more volume and creativity when people who feel empowered speak up for themselves and their ideas, and when they see a way for better meeting their needs. When they negotiate effectively with you, they prove they can do it for the organization in the rest of the world.

Managing For Results With Diversity and Equity in Mind

As an Executive Director and a manager, I had a reputation for creating and supporting diverse and high-performing teams where people were promoted from within to leadership roles. I love seeing people advance their careers and am proud to have supported people of color, women, and LGBTQ leaders in particular in advancing to leadership positions. I create space for my clients to discuss and explore ways that an individual identity might be impacting career circumstances. From this, clients learn how to be more effective and act as agents of change in their own careers. Such mindful learning is just as important for people who experience social power (white people, men, managers, people who are straight, etc) as it is for people who experience social oppression (people of color, women, people with disabilities or who are trans, etc).

So much more is possible.

From my coaching clients I’ve learned that peoples’ visions for what they’d like to accomplish are often so much bigger than what we’d ever ask of them as managers. So much more is possible when we give people agency and the tools to get clear about their goals. They experience the freedom and responsibility to develop their vision of the work as we challenge and support them to live up to that potential and produce results. I also think it’s important for managers to learn from their own mistakes. By becoming  too attached to someone’s success, we can inadvertently take away their independence.

When each of us is transparent in supporting and challenging ourselves within the context of a team, I truly believe we accomplish more.

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