Career Change Coaching

Coaching for Career Change

Some of my favorite clients are those who find coaching when they’re looking for help getting through a career change. They are interesting people who have picked non-traditional careers because they were passionate about their work. Many have become high-performing mid-career professionals who have lost their passion for what they do, and aren’t sure if they need to leave their job, change careers, or work to adapt their current role.

How Coaching Helps with Career Change

If you’re a mid-career professional looking for an opportunity for change, the best thing you can do is create some non-judgmental space where you can reconnect with your passions, explore possibilities, test out your options, and reflect on the process. Some clients do make career changes or change jobs, while others find new meaning by  becoming more proactive in shaping their current work. All clients rediscover their sense of agency and direct their careers in a more proactive manner.

Rediscover your passion.



My approach involves helping you reconnect with the part of you that knows what you like and what you don’t. You’ve probably been ignoring that little voice inside, so it might feel dead or numb at this point. I support you in taking a playful approach to exploring new possibilities and getting clear on your values along the way. I’ve found that this approach can generate a wide variety of new career ideas that you might not have thought about and won’t find on the Bureau of Labor Statistics website. As you start identifying the ideas that are most exciting to you, I support you in testing them out in real life through informational interviews and volunteering. When you finally know what you want to do next in your career, you will have already laid the networking groundwork and developed many of the skills that will help you to get hired.

Find your purpose.

You may find out during coaching that the job you are doing now is your life’s purpose, but that you need some things to change. Maybe you’ve been waiting for someone to let you be creative, or to recognize your leadership. Maybe you’ve been underpaid, or there’s a toxic work environment. With a deep background in advocating for people’s rights, coaching supports you in understanding your rights at work, learning how to effectively advocate for yourself, and assessing your employer’s response so you can figure out if things will change enough for you to stay – or whether it’s time to move on. Some people recapture a sense of agency in their work and stay on, invigorated. Others gain the satisfaction that they’ve “left it all on the field” before leaving their former dream job for a better opportunity. Together we can navigate this fun but complicated process. It’s filled with possibilities, but also mined with self doubt, “should-have’s,” and heavy emotions.

If you’ve been searching but haven’t found your next career move, take a clear step in the right direction. Schedule a free career change strategy session today.

Career Change Testimonials

“I was told that my strong vision for the position is the reason I was hired, and I credit that to our coaching.”

sally-testimonial-pic“I had lost my passion for my first career, and working with Julie helped me identify what sector I wanted to shift to and take concrete steps to get there. I have a leadership position now in a role that is both a bridge to the work I ultimately want to do, and it allows me to impact in my community in other ways in the meantime. Coaching together before my interview helped me clarify my vision for the work and be confident about sharing it. I was told that my strong vision for the position is the reason I was hired, and I credit that to our coaching.” – Sally

“When I started out with coaching, I was miserable in my job and unsure of whether I could succeed as a consultant. Julie helped me through some very prickly situations at work and inspired me to excel at consulting — and I picked up another client as a result. She navigated potential conflicts of interest very well, and I could fully trust her confidentiality. I am definitely dealing with stress much more efficiently, am able to enjoy life much more and put a barrier between work and life that wasn’t there before. (No joke, I am done at 5pm — so thank you!!)” – Tom