Negotiation Coaching

You deserve pay equity.

Many of my clients are mid-career people of color or women living the reality of the pay gap. No one should have to negotiate for pay equity, but unless you’re a union member, you’ll probably have to ask to get what you deserve. There is literally money left on the table for almost all of us. Here’s the thing. The process of negotiating also can be really empowering for you, and for everyone in your broader community. By speaking up for yourself, you learn skills you can share, and that creates greater opportunity for those who come after you.

Don’t explain away the pay gap.

This perspective on negotiating makes it easy to ask for more, and to help others do the same. Still, most people don’t naturally feel qualified to negotiate. When many of my clients start thinking about the reality of negotiating, something comes over them. They begin pointing out their own weaknesses, and start building a case against themselves in their heads. They rationalize and find ways to validate lower wages instead of focusing on equity. No matter who you are, you deserve the benefits of the negotiation process!

Find your power perspective.




Think about walking into a room to negotiate with these two different perspectives; let’s call them “I’m creating opportunity” and “I suck.” Which one do you think will have the better outcome? Negotiation starts with finding a perspective that works for you and makes the conversation easier.

Some people like to think about negotiation as a game, or a chance to demonstrate to your organization that you can stand up for what the organization needs in other settings. I personally see my employer as a partner in negotiating. I’ve chosen to work with them because they are someone I really want to work with, so it’s my job to put everything on the table that will help me do a good job and stay for a long time. What perspective will help you?

Successful negotiation leads to more than money.

One of the most satisfying parts of my job is helping people negotiate raises. The biggest one to date is a 35% increase! As great as it is to see a measurable result, what really blows my mind is the empowerment that goes along with a successful negotiation process. There are even benefits for employers and managers, who stand to gain when  employees negotiate raises, though they might not think so at first. I have seen that a stronger sense of ownership and initiative comes with a successful negotiation, and that coaching clients remain empowered to take their new skills outside to negotiate on behalf of their organizations.

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Negotiation Coaching Testimonials

“I negotiated to increase my salary by $15,000.”

“Over the time Julie and I worked together, I negotiated to increase my salary by $15,000, bringing my compensation up to par with the men at my job. I also earned a promotion, and have a better sense of where I want my career to lead thanks to the creative exercises I did with Julie. I appreciated how she takes a holistic approach to your career and keeps the rest of your life in mind; she is really good at taking you just to the edge of your comfort zone to get a fresh perspective on your career goals. Not only has coaching paid for itself with my recent raise, but it’s been an eye-opening and fun experience!” – Candace

“Our work together…deeply empowered me to ask for, demand, and just focus on what it is that I want and deserve.”

leslie-coaching-testimonial“Our work together coupled with a trip I took so deeply empowered me to ask for, demand, and just focus on what it is that I want and deserve. From work to finances to a partner, thou shalt not settle! This paid off in shifting a big chunk of my time at my job to innovation and some big systems initiatives that keep me focused, connected, and doing cutting-edge work.” – Leslie

“Not only did the negotiation process empower me, and significantly improve my bank account, but it also made me a more valuable employee.”

TatianaLam_sm“When I started coaching I felt invisible in my job at a creative company. Through the process of negotiating a salary increase I began to see myself as a peer with a lot more to offer. I won a 35% increase and the supervisor I negotiated with called me a ‘tough cookie.’ The process made me more invested in my career and abilities, but also in our company being more of a leader in the field. As a result, I was inspired to work harder, I volunteered for projects that required more responsibility and took classes to improve my skills. Not only did the negotiation process empower me, and significantly improve my bank account, but it also made me a more valuable employee.” – Tatiana