Leadership Coaching

Coaching for More Effective Leadership

Many of my coaching clients have stepped up to leadership roles (or would like to) and are trying to figure how to make the leap and how to be effective while leading with their values. Some have just gotten everything they want and are now feeling like imposters. Others are bored and no longer challenged in their work. Still others feel hurt and passed over without knowing why. Most are used to being excellent at their work and have developed shortcuts that helped them get where they are. These strategies get them to a certain level and then cause them to flounder, leaving them uncertain as to how to advance further.

Overcoming Limits

Instead of taking shortcuts, my clients learn how to clarify their values, take risks, see mistakes as opportunities. They discover ways to experiment with doing things differently until they find the right approach. I help them work through the overwhelming anxiety that can come along with stretching into new territory. Some of the most exciting breakthroughs come when clients shift the way they see that anxiety so that the stress is defused but the elements that help them excel can still be accessed. Leadership coaching creates space for planning, action, and reflection. It lets leaders explore their values, defuse anxiety, find blind spots, develop strategies for meeting and managing to high standards, and ensure that they are effective leaders who support diversity and create an inclusive work culture.




Leadership Coaching Testimonials

“These are important steps toward being the leader that I want to be.”

“There were three main things that I learned in coaching with Julie. First, that I can choose a different frame for looking at things that I perceive to be mistakes. I can  capture the learning versus wallowing in angst. Second, I’ve done some important thinking about just being myself and not trying to fill the shoes or be someone else. And third, that I really need to and want to listen to my instincts rather than ignoring them. Together these things will hopefully make me a more confident leader. I still have some more work to do, but these are important steps toward being the leader that I want to be.” – S.

“All the power is already within me.”

j_myres“When I started coaching, I was really focused on harnessing the power of my various roles, and figuring out how to be as effective and as impactful as possible.  Coming out of coaching, I’ve learned to be more gentle with myself and the changes that come from playing at a higher level. I realized all the power is already within me, I just need to understand when to use it, how & when to be vulnerable, how to be accepting, how to seek balance, how & when to take risks, and how & when to be content with my accomplishments.” – Jahmese