Leadership Development Resources

Non-profit/Political Leadership Development

AFSCME’s Alternative Union Break places people interested in organizing with an active organizing campaign to learn the basics of union organizing in the classroom and get hands on experience while talking with workers in their homes. Participants get priority for their paid year long Organizer in Training program.

Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance Young Leader’s Council brings together and supports young leaders in meeting and discussing issues facing their community. They have other organizing, spokesperson trainings and mentorship programs where they pair young leaders with seasoned labor activists, to strengthen and expand intergenerational dialogue.

Center for Third World Organizing (CTWO) is a racial justice organization led by people of color whose mission is to achieve social and economic justice. CTWO provides regional trainings, organizing apprenticeships as well as a media fellowship for young organizers of color.

* Echoing Green provides seed funding to social entrepreneurs launching bold new organizations to generate positive systemic change.

Greenlining Academy works to empower and develop the next generation of multi-ethnic leaders to advance racial and economic equity and create positive social change.

Green Corps mission is to recruit and train organizers, provide field support for today’s critical environmental campaigns, and graduate activists who possess the skills, temperament and commitment needed to fight and win tomorrow’s environmental battles. They have a competitive year long field training program, and a great alumni network. They also have a good job listserve that anyone can sign up for.

The Midwest Academy is a national training institute committed to advancing the struggle for social, economic, and racial justice. Midwest Academy teaches an organizing philosophy, methods and skills that enable ordinary people to actively participate in the democratic process.

* The New Leaders Council’s mission is to train and support the next generation of political entrepreneurs by recruiting emerging leaders, engaging them in the political process and equipping them with the skills to become talented and responsible civic leaders. Their fellowship program provides ongoing mentorship and career counseling.

* The New Organizing Institute has a whole toolkit of resources and does organizer and media trainings (some materials apply to other fields) as well as a great job listserve. Their website has a list of fellowships and awards for non-profit and social justice leaders.

* Open Society Foundation Fellowships are prestigious awards that cover a wide range of fields and issues, including photography, advocacy, human rights, and governance.

* Rockwood Leadership Institute has a wide variety of leadership workshops and fellowships. Some are invitation only or focused on a specific issue or region, but others are open to anyone.

SOUL is working to lay the groundwork for a strong social justice movement by supporting the development of a new generation of organizers rooted in a systemic change analysis -especially people of color, young women, queer and transgender youth and low-income people.

Young People For (YP4) is a long-term leadership development initiative that identifies, engages, and empowers the newest generation of progressive leaders. YP4 focuses on identifying young people who are campus and community leaders today, engaging them in the broader progressive movement, and empowering them with the knowledge, strategies, and skills they can put to work to promote positive, sustainable change in their communities. They have leadership and fellowship programs, as well as good career resources.

Race, Difference & Equity Leadership Resources:

These resources are mostly for white people, but people of other races who are interested in exploring difference, power dynamics and standing for justice may also get something out of them. I try to share a range of resources for people who have never thought about race before, to people who identify as progressive and are looking for more advanced/theoretical resources to take their work further. There is so much out there once you start looking, my advice it to take it like a box of candy, start somewhere and keep going, feel free to jump around but pace yourself.

If you are a good human, you will probably notice emotions coming up as you explore. It might be anger, sadness, shame, rage, guilt, frustration, overwhelm, but also hope, determination, urgency. All of these emotions are good, important, and they are a sign that something important is happening. If you find you are getting stuck, please reach out to me or someone else to process that emotion, figure out what it means for you, and help you keep going.

Other (For-Profit) Sector Resources

* The Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA) provides scholarships and fellowships for journalists to support AAPI journalists in entering and taking leadership positions in journalism.

I’mJulie Roberts-Phung, a parent, longtime organizer for social justice and career and leadership coach. If you’re curious about coaching, you can book a free, no-obligation sample strategy session to ask questions and try it out.