Coaching for Parents

Parenting with Confidence

I am a resource for parents, but I won’t claim to be a psychologist or parenting expert. I am not. I’m a firm believer in getting expert advice on parenting questions, and that’s not my role. What I do is help parents create space to figure out what is right for your family. It’s a space of clarity, free of the million-and-one contradictory messages that we get daily about what we’re doing wrong. My parenting coaching will help you to become a confident parent who feels empowered to prioritize your family’s needs over outside expectations, while still taking your family’s impact on the broader world into consideration.

Confidence Comes with Clarity

My coaching clients come to me looking for space to explore questions of life/work balance, to clarify their values, and to develop the confidence they need to make clear parenting decisions. My parenting resources page shares some items that I’ve found helpful in my own parenting journey. They include an overview of different sleep strategies so you can choose the right one for you, as well as resources about talking with your children about race, consent, and other progressive-minded issues.

Beautifully Imperfect Parenting




We can’t be there for our kids 100% of the time, and if we were, it would probably be terrible for them. We will make mistakes and sometimes be unavailable. These “parenting failures” open up space for our children to become individuals, practice resilience, and learn independence. I am inspired by the idea of Kintsugi in general, but especially when it comes to parenting. Kintsugi is a Japanese art where broken pieces of ceramic are put back together. The seams that remain are painted with gold. They make the piece more beautiful and special than an unbroken piece. As parents, it’s impossible to imagine that our children will never scrape a knee; instead it’s our job to help them gild boo-boos large and small with resilience and learning.

A Space for Asserting your Beliefs about Parenting

You won’t agree with me on every parenting issue, and that’s perfect! I will create a space for you to discover your own values and make your own right decision for your family. Where we inevitably disagree, there is an opportunity to explore what exercising your own beliefs feels like for you. In this dynamic, you will discover strategies for productively approaching disagreement, criticism, or outright judgment out in the real world.

How does this fit with other kinds of coaching?

Many of my clients are confident leaders in their work lives who struggle with how to honor both their chosen work and the important work of raising a family. Many professionals experience deep anxiety and frustration as parents. I believe that there are many ways to be a good parent, and that each family figures out uniquely what works for them. I create space for my clients to focus and figure out what their families need in a non-judgmental space and with a sense of humor (that can even sometimes be dark).

Could you be a more confident parent? Schedule a parenting strategy session to find out.

Parenting Coaching Testimonials

medium_Krista-canvas_thumb“My daughter is one of the most important people in my life – but she doesn’t give me deadlines like everything else does. A wake up call was realizing that it took me months to schedule a trip to the zoo with her! Talking with Julie helps me bring my priorities in focus and think creatively about all my possibilities. I appreciate Julie’s non-judgmental style and curiosity in helping me realize my priorities, while thinking realistically and creatively about how to make them real.” – Krista MacDonald